Monday, July 02, 2012

Out now: Muse by Lazette Gifford

This was one of my first book recommendations, back when I first started this blog. When no one was reading it, and  e-books was a miniscule part of the market.

Anyway, she got the rights back and released it on Smashwords ( Nook and Kindle is probably coming soon.)  And for a limited time she offers a 50% off coupon on Smashwords: ZH59P. 

Welcome to Muse....

Stranded when his car breaks down, Killian Dain Fox overhears a cop and a gas station clerk discussing murder and the exchange of money. Although he tries to believe he misheard the conversation, by the time KD meets a few more of the locals, he's convinced the entire small town is inhabited by a gang of murderers.

Between the massive storms that threaten to flood the town, a would-be killer on the loose, and his growing attraction to the town's pretty mayor, Killian Dain Fox is on a roller-coaster of a ride. And when someone tries to kill him, he just hopes he can get out alive.

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