Monday, July 02, 2012

Review: The Winning Hand by Nora Roberts

The Particulars: Contemporary Romance, Silhuette, out of print ( but Nora Roberts book pops up regularly) and maybe available as ebook.
The Source: The bookshelf
The Grade: B
The blurb:
In one exraordinary moment, Darcy Wallace was transformed from being down-on-her-luck into a millionaire sharing candlelight dinners with Robert MacGregor Blade. Mac was the most seductive man she ever met -- though he certainly wasn't the marrying kind. But Darcy was feeling lucky...So with searching kisses and aching vulnerability, the innocent beauty set about making the stubborn bachelor see that love was the biggest gamble -- and he was going to have to ante up!

The review:
This is one of my favorite MacGregor novels. All of them are good, but this one has that little something. I think the reason I love it because it touches that dream everyone has, about someday hitting Jackpot. Either at a Casino, or through a lottery ticket.
I loved following Darcy's transformation from the wreck she was at the beginning to the confident woman she was at the end. I smiled when she and Mac bantered, and argued.
I cheered for her when she decided to take her life into her own hands, and do what she had dreamed about.

What I liked most, was the romance between her and Mac. In some ways, it felt like an opposite attracts. Darcy is naive and innocent, Mac is cynical and experienced. There were times when I wondered if they would end up together, since Mac kept pushing her away.

What bothered me was the fact that most of the rocky parts was caused by Mac, and his reactions to Darcy's decision regarding important details in her new life. The reason this bothers me, is because I felt that Darcy just floated along sometimes. 

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