Monday, August 27, 2012

On e-book prices and reader expectations

After I read Submission to Desire by Leah Brooke and Dom's Dungeon by Cherise Sinclair back to back, I have been thinking about what I want from a book that cost 8-9 dollars.

Well edited.  
If I pay that much money, I expect the book to be edited, copy edited and proofread.  I know that all e-books are edited, but sometimes I wonder about the copy editing and proof reading, especially when I discover a lot of small, easy to fix errors

A professional looking cover. 

Covers are less important for e-books, but they do play an important role to catching an reader's interest. Also, the quality of the cover gives an hint about the publisher's standard. 

In short: If you have high e-book prices?

Put out a product that are worth that much.  There are just a handful e-book publishers that want 7-9 dollars for their e-books. Two that sprung to mind are  Loose id and Liquid Silver.  Here is the thing. Both of them put out a professional product: they have a professional looking covers, and their books are well edited, which means their books are worth the price they demand.   Siren on the other hand, doesn't put out a professional product. Their books are edited, but sometimes I wonder if they are copy edited.  Granted, their covers have improved a lot the last couple of years, but they  aren't close to the bigger e-book publishers quality. Which means that I am not paying them full price. In my opinion Siren's e-books are worth 3-5 dollar. Which is means I will wait until they are available at Kobo, and buy them then.  Or maybe use them as my Buy 10 get one for free book over at Allromance.

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