Saturday, August 25, 2012

What I have been reading this week

Someone at Dear Author recommended Monette Michaels, and  I downloaded the free novella from her webpage, and liked it enough to put this book on my wishlisht.  Unfortunately, this book didn't work for me.  The book was well written, but I felt that the suspense part overwhelmed the romance part. Also, I felt that Keely could do too much. She could fight, she had umpteen doctoral degrees. And she was twenty, or something.  Still, I liked the authors voice enough to give her one more try. But not necessarily this series.

 I have wanted to read this book for awhile, and finally got around to purchase it.  Like all Sierra Cartwright books, this one sizzled. I'll admit that I thought it would be more suspense, but I did like the characters. To Wolf with his need to dominate, to the more outgoing Nate. Not mention Kayla and the desire she feels.  While I liked the characters, I wish this had been longer.  I felt that this book focused too much on Stone and his struggles, which I can understand since he needed to overcome his past for all of them to get a HEA. But I felt it came at the cost of Kayla and her struggles to accept her feelings for them. When it cames to Nate... well, his feelings for Stone was made clear, plus they had a past. 

Leah Brooke's books are like crack to me.  They aren't that good, yet I cannot stop reading them. This book is my favorite.  Mainly since while it sizzled, I loved Brenna for her courage to face down her stalker, not mention daring to speak her mind to Royce and King.  But most of all, I liked it since it is the first book that let the characters be human. Not just giving an impression that everyone likes each other.  That said, in the future I'll get the books from Kobo, with a coupon, since I think Siren Bookstrands books are overpriced.

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