Monday, October 29, 2012

5 ways to get me to not buy your book:

This list is a result of frustration at both indie, small press, and bigger publishers.


This isn't about the price of hardcovers, but more about small digital first publishers ( and authors) who puts a 3 dollar price at a short story that is less than 15 000 words.

 Badly edited:

I prefer to read a sample or a cheap short story before I buy a new to me author, and I can say that if I find either the sample or the story to be badly edited, I am much less likely to buy the book.

 Amateurish cover:

For me, the point of a cover is to catch the interest of a reader. If I see a book with an amateurish cover, it tells me that the publisher (or the author if it is indie published) were reluctant to spend money on the cover.

 Lack of a blurb:

It doesn't matter how good the blurb is on the book, if the blurb I find online is two lines long. Or replaced with an excerpt ( Yes, Avon, I am looking at you...)

 Cover quotes from anonymous people:

I accept that often the cover quotes on books comes from authors the author knows. But what makes my hackles rise is when I read endorsements by anonymous people. Why? Because it edges a bit too close sock puppet reviews for me.

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