Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hidden Gems: The Stonefort novels by James Hetley

This a new feature that will promote books I have read, and loved, but not reviewed :).
And, I am so happy that these books are available as e-books.  This is Urban Fantasy of the best kind. Intresting characters, intresting plot and a setting that you want more of.  I love the covers, they are eye catching, and fits the books. ( I liked the original covers too, but I would love to have print copies with these covers...) 

Two magical families live in the hardscrabble town of Stonefort, Maine: the shape shifting Morgans and the Haskell witches. But evil is coming to Stonefort. A drug lord and frighteningly powerful sorcerer covets the Morgans' alliance with the magical being known as the Dragon. Now 17-year-old Gary Morgan must claim his heritage and save his family. But first, he will have to master the power of the Dragon-and he'll need the help of the Haskell witches to do it. Somehow, the Haskells and the Morgans must overcome their differences before the sorcerer assumes the power of the Dragon and destroys them all.

 Two unusual families - the shapeshifting Morgans and the Haskell witches - have maintained an uneasy alliance for generations. Now the vengeful spirit of a dark sorcerer will force them to unite once more-or turn against one another.

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