Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Out Now: The Trouble with Air and Magic by Patricia Rice

The Trouble with Air and Magic is officially out today ( Although it has been available since early January at some stores, but today it is available at all of them. I liked this, and it stands alone reasonably well so you don't have to read the first book. ). 

Dorothea Franklin’s life is sliding toward disaster just as surely as her house is crumbling into the Pacific. Her unusual talent for feng shui can’t bring harmony to her invalid father or prevent her brother from dying in an experimental helicopter crash. Or has he?

She turns to computer genius Conan Oswin, whose brother also reportedly died that day. When Dorothea informs Conan that she didn’t feel the vibrations of her brother’s death, he wants to dismiss her illogic... but his instinct for trouble is already on full alert. His attraction to her is almost as distracting as her nonsense about chi and harmony -- nonsense that plants doubts about the deadly crash. If only she would quit twisting his head with temptation, he might be able to save their brothers and her life.

Buy at Bookview Cafe and you can read a sample too!

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