Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday News: Macmillan settles with DOJ

Amazon get patent to sell used e-books and other digital content

This piece of news broke on Thursday... and Twitter went wild. I honestly don't think Amazon will use this patent, since it would cost them too much.   Why? Because Amazon is first and foremost a content provider, and I strongly suspect that if they launched a service selling used e-books, the publishers would  sever their contracts with Amazon.  

Macmillan settles with DOJ 

I wasn't surprised when Macmillan decided to settle, but the terms is a bit different.   The most important one for readers? Retailers can discount their books even if the contracts hasn't been re-negiotated. Which means Macmillan books are non-agency from Today ( or maybe tomorrow, depends on how fast the retailers are). :D

Bookish launched 

Bookish is Hachette, Simon and Schusters and Penguin's book recommendation site/e-book store. And... I'll stay as far away from it as I can. Why? Because the content of their ToC creeps  me out  .

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