Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Bargains: Free Backlist and indie books

Marta Acosta offers the whole Casa Dracula series for free right now ( ends today), so hurry up and download them. ( I am happy, since this series have been on my wishlist for ages.)

The Accidential Demon Slayer by Angie Fox is also free right now ( I think this is always free, in fact). 

Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha is free right now at Smashwords ( with a coupon  at Bookbinge).  This is one of my favorite erotic romances. But then Kit Rocha is a pseudonym for Moira Rogers.

The Black Swan series by Victoria Danann have gotten a lot of buzz lately, and the first book is free at Smashwords.


miki said...

For me the first book of casa dracula doesn't appears as free but i forwarded the info to some friend, thank you!

Mikaela said...

Yeah, I think it is geo-restricted in some way since it was free too me, but not for US friends. It is also possible that the price have already risen too.


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