Monday, August 13, 2012

Urban Fantasy Challenge: No Dominion by C.E Murphy

The Particulars: Urban Fantasy, Kickstarter, not available for sale (yet).
The Source: Kickstarter ARC
The Grade: A+
The Blurb:
Recently widowed after nearly fifty years of marriage, Gary Muldoon had given up on adventure. Then shaman Joanne Walker climbed into the back seat of his cab, and since then, Gary has trifled with gods, met mystics, slain zombies and ridden with the Wild Hunt.
But now he must leave Joanne’s side to face a battle only he can win. Because as their long battle against a dark magic-user races toward its climax, it becomes clear that it was not illness that took Annie’s life, but their enemy’s long and deadly touch.
Though lovers be lost, love shall not…

The review:
I have waited for this book since I first heard about it... Actually, that is not true. I have hoped C.E Murphy would write Gary's story since I first read Urban Shaman. But I never expected it would be like this. This book... is C.E Murphy at her best.

I'll admit that for the first pages it felt odd to not read about Jo, but I got used to it. I loved Gary's voice. Loved it. I could almost hear him speaking in my mind ( I imagined him as having an Irish dialect. Yeah, I know. He is from Seattle).I kept on reading as he rode with the Hunt, and was delightfully human towards Cerunnos. Not that he mouthed off, but that he didn't show any deference. Through the whole story, Gary is delightfully himself. No matter if he is talking with Cerunnos or with one of his Army mates. He is his own gruff, rocksteady self.

This story had everything that a good story should have. Action. Lot's of it, especially in the beginning. From the start, Gary goes on Wild ride. There were times how Gary managed to keep up with Cerunnos. But there isn't just action. No, what made most impact on me were the part when Gary went back in time, to the time he met his wife Annie. It was poignant to read about their romance. Yet in it, there was a touch of paranormal. I admired Gary for keeping quiet, and letting their marriage unfold. But the end. Oh lord. The end. It made me cry. And I cannot remember when that happened the last time.

So, what I didn't like.
There is nothing I didn't like with the story. This is C.E Murphy at her best. I just wish that more people hade been able to read it since it adds an layer to Raven Calls, but hopefully it will be available sometime in the future.

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