Monday, April 01, 2013

Review: The Shop of Shades and Secrets by Colleen Gleason

The Particulars: Contemporary Romance with a dash of mystery, Avid Press, avaible as ebook
The Source: Kobo
The Grade: B
The Blurb:
When Fiona Murphy inherits a small antiques shop from an old man she met only once, she’s filled with surprise, confusion and delight—and a little bit of terror at having a new responsibility in a life she prefers to be free and easy.

As she takes over ownership of the quaint shop, odd things begin to happen. Lights come on and off by themselves, even when they are unplugged…and there is a chilly breeze accompanied by the scent of roses even when the windows are closed.

H. Gideon Nath, III, is the stiff and oh-so-proper attorney who helps settle Fiona’s inheritance, and despite her flightiness and fascination with all things New Age, he finds himself attracted to her against his better judgment.

After she finds an unpleasant surprise in one of the shop’s closets, scares off an intruder in the store, and uses her skill at palmistry to read Gideon’s future--of which she seems to be a part--Fiona begins to realize that her free and easy life is about to change…whether she wants it to or no

The Review:

I read the first book in the Gardella Vampire Hunter series awhile ago, and couldn't see what the fuss was. So, when I bought the To Die For bundle, primarily for the Jana DeLeon novel, I decided I might as well give Ms Gleason another try.

And I am glad I did.
This was a well written contemporary romance, with a dash of mystery and paranormal activity.

The story hooked me from the start, and I loved to the read about Fiona and Gideon. How their relationship developed, from a first tense meeting to a romance. On the outside, they were total opposites. Gideon was a stiff, proper attorney and Fiona was flamboyant and outspoken.
But I liked how they affected each other, in good ways. Gideon helped ground Fiona and Fiona helped Gideon relax.

What I liked was how their romance wasn't easy. They both struggled with it, and wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do. Tossed into that mix, was the fact that someone was looking for something. There were plenty of unexpected plottwists, and I enjoyed how Fiona had to scramble a bit to get out of trouble, and each time the the villain got more and more desperate.

So what I didn't like with this book... Fiona found the biggest clue to the mystery, purely by coincidence. Which felt a bit like cheating to me. I would have liked if her search had been a bit more active.

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