Wednesday, March 14, 2012

BooksonBoards recommendations:

Books on board offers up to 33% off right now, so I am going on a shopping spree tomorrow.
Since it is easy to get overwhelmed, I decided to make some recommendations:

For the UF and PNR fans:
Laura Anne Gilman.    I love her books. They are snarky, witty, and action packed. With the discount, the books in her Retriever series costs 4-5 dollar.
Robin D Owens. Right now the books in her Mystic Circle series  is just 7.45. I recommend both of them.
Moira Rogers.Their writing is like crack to me. I just cannot get enough. Especially of the Bloodhounds books.
Let's not forget CE Murphy.  There is no secret that I love her books.  I recommend starting with either Urban Shaman or Heart of Stone.
Shiloh Walker. I love her Hunter series, but I recommend that you get the backlist Samhain titles from All romance since they are only available in pdf over at Books on Board.  Wait with getting the Ellora's Cave titles, she is  re-issueing them with better covers.   However, I do plan on picking up her Grimm series. 

For the Crime fans:
JT Ellison. Her All the Pretty Little Girls is only 3 dollar right now. The rest is below 5 dollar
Katie Reus. I never got around to review it, but I loved her book Deadly Obession.

For the contemporary romance fans:
Shannon Stacey.  I love, love her Kowalski trilogy. They are heartwarming, funny,  and witty.  Plus I enjoy the humor.
Liz Flaherty. I read, and raved, about One more summer recently. And I intend to get the rest of her books.
Jennifer Crusie.   I love all her books, but Getting Rid of Bradley is one of my favorites.  Just beware so that you don't purchase pdf copies.
Shiloh Walker. Yes, again.  She is prolific.  Among her contemporary romances I recommend A Forever Kind of Love.  A poignant tale. 
Maya Banks.  I am having trouble picking a book, but in the end, I think I'll go with Stay with Me and Understood. 

For Historical fans:

Scott Oden. I started to read Men of Bronze, and I loved the writing but unfortunately I got interrupted and new finished the book. I intend to one day, though. Right now Men of Bronze is only 3 dollar. In fact, I think I'll rebuy it, and replace my pdf copy. 

Oh, and the best part with Books On Board? You get reward dollars. Which you can use on discounting other books .

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